Eivind Sorgenfryd is a graphic designer and photographer based in Copenhagen.

His photography explore and document observations in the ordinary. He captures subjects from a contemporary point of view that challenges the mind to find expressions that would normally pass unnoticed.


Eivind’s graphic design explores the boundaries of visual communication, in a way that excites both heart and mind, with a contemporary expression. He learned the technical skills through studying graphic design for four years, and gained professional experience in multiple creative corporations, agencies and trough private clients.

Photographer, retoucher and graphic

designer at TheBrownPaperBag

Apr 2019 — Jul 2019

Photo–retoucher at Wetouch Imagework

Aug 2017 — Sep 2018

Graphic designer at Goodies & Bags

Nov 2016 — Jan 2017

Photo–retoucher at Frandsen Fotografi

Aug 2016 — Dec 2016

Graphic designer at Vita Copenhagen

Jan 2016

Graphic design education at RTS

Aug 2014 — Sep 2018

Photographer at Halsnæs Avis

Oct 2013